Easy Pumpkin, mushrooms and shallots pie Recipes


Easy Pumpkin, mushrooms and shallots pie Recipes

The ingredients Easy Pumpkin, mushrooms and shallots pie Recipes

  1. 700 grms cubed pumpkin or butternut squash
  2. 400 grams shallots peeled and halved
  3. 250 grams fresh sliced mushrooms
  4. 25 grms dried porcini mushrooms
  5. just one pack ready rolled smoke pastry 320 grams
  6. olive oil to sautee vegetables
  7. 100 grms butter
  8. 50 grams flour
  9. 250 mls boiling water to soak dried mushrooms
  10. rosemary, salt and self defense to season
  11. 1 ovum lightly beaten

Step-step making Easy Pumpkin, mushrooms and shallots pie Recipes>

  1. Prepare all the veggies and start by sautéing the halved shallots in oil along with a third of the butter. Cover until softened

  2. When the shallots are soft add pumpkin cubes making sure they are nicely coated. Cook until soft

  3. Add seasoning to pumpkin and shallots and cook for another minute or so. Reserve

  4. On another pan melt one third of the butter and sautee the mushrooms upon it. When cooked add the drained dried soaked porcini yet reserve liquid.

  5. Add mushrooms to sleep of vegetables and reserve.

  6. Melt last third of the butter. Add flour while on a moderate low heat and add water of draining mushrooms slowly until you get a runny solid brown colour sauce

  7. Add vegetables to a pie dish and add sauce. Let mix cool.

  8. When chilly enough cover with pastry and pierce with fork. Glaze along with beaten egg

  9. Cook on a 180 C oven for about forty minutes