Easy Mommom’s Pierogi Recipes

Easy Mommom’s Pierogi Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mommom’s Pierogi Recipes

  1. five lbs potatoes
  2. 2 lbs combined cheese
  3. flour
  4. eggs
  5. sour cream
  6. onions
  7. butter
  8. salt
  9. spice up

Step-step making Mommom’s Pierogi

  1. 5lbs of potatoes makes about one hundred pierogi. We always made a great deal at one time because they get a lot of time to create. Mommom always had a large team together to make them and divided up the duties. She would perform 10 to 20 lbs of taters at a time.

  2. Peel off, cube and boil the potatoes.

  3. Sauté an onion in the stick of butter.

  4. We used a mixer to mash the particular potatoes. Add the onion and butter mixture and cheese. I said two lbs but you can make this as cheesy as you like. The mommom always made them so corny the mashed potatoes were stretchy.

  5. To help to make the dough (i don’t have dimensions for this because we always do it by feel) You may have got to make more than 1 set of dough. We had to help to make a 2nd batch.

  6. Include flour to a large mixing dish and add two eggs and several sour cream. Mix with your hands if the mixture is dry put some more sour cream. Once the particular mixture comes together kneed on the particular counter. The mixture will become sticky just add more flour. Let money sit for about 10 minute.

  7. Set the large pot on the stove in order to boil.

  8. Roll an item of dough out as thin while you can get it. While moving out the dough you will require to add more flour and help to make sure you have plenty on the particular counter under the dough. Use the biscuit cutter or large glass in order to cut a circle. Place about the tablespoonful of potato mixture fold more than dough and pinch closed. Your heading to be making half moon designs.

  9. As soon as you have some made place the few at a time into the particular pot of boiling water. Once these people float, this happens quickly, remove through pot. If you want to deep freeze them you stop at this stage and let them cool and deep freeze. If your eating them right aside continue to the next step.

  10. If your going to consume these the same night put the sauté pan on with onions, because much as you like, and butter. You may go through a few lbs of butter with this formula.

  11. Put the boiled pierogis in the saute pan with butter and onions until lightly golden brownish. Once golden brown they are prepared to eat. My family always consumed them with a little sour lotion and a side of sauerkraut.