Easy Mike’s Southwestern Ceviche Recipes

Easy Mike’s Southwestern Ceviche Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mike’s Southwestern Ceviche Recipes

  1. ● For The Seafood
  2. 2 (16 oz) Bags EX Large Shrimp [dethawed if frozen- peeled – deveined – tails removed]
  3. 2 (16 oz) Bags Steamed Imitation Crab Meat [aka white fish or pollock – left in large chunks – do not use real crab meat]
  4. 1 (16 oz) Bag Raw Small Scallops [dethawed if frozen]
  5. 10 oz Fresh Raw Tuna [dethawed if frozen – chopped into small cubes]
  6. ● For The Vegetables

    Step-step making Mike’s Southwestern Ceviche

    1. Here’s what you’ll need. Use simply the most crisp, chilled, fresh greens, juices and seafood you can get. In fact, overly firm, crisp greens is exactly what you’re looking for.

    2. Place the chopped onions, jalapeños, all bell potatoes and Anaheim peppers in some sort of seperate bowl for thirty minutes refrigerated. Put the juice and zest of single lime, one lemon and one orange colored to both season and cook the hard vegetables.

    3. Gently mix all greens jointly. Add additional 1/4 cup lime liquid.

    4. Add more your Clamato [enough to handle vegetables] and a good little of Spicy V8 Juice. In addition, put all of your seasonings. Once more, carefully mix well. You don’t want to be able to bruise your fresh vegetables.

    5. Fresh shrimp, scallops, crab meat and tuna dethawed imagined. Tails removed from shrimp. Do certainly not use real crab meat unless you aren’t planning on the entire bowl appearing consumed in one afternoon or perhaps nighttime sitting. Otherwise, your Ceviche will get south twice as fast. Even when being refrigerated. It will in addition murk up your broth.

    6. Imitation Crab Beef imagined. [aka white fish]

    7. Sun Dry Tomatoes in oil pictured.

    8. Add all involving your vegetables and seafood, plus further Clamato and Tabasco if needed to be able to fully cover your ingredients.

    9. Gently fold anything together well. Do not add avocados to your main bowl. Often work them to the side. Otherwise that will murk up your Ceviche broth. Chill for 3 hours. Know this kind of dish will get better as your woman rests and chills. Even 3 days and nights later. Gently stir occasionally.

    10. Serve with good quality crackers, flour tortillas, additional Tabasco Gravy, fresh avocado slices and ice frosty Mexican beer.

    11. Enjoy!