Easy Mike’s Beef Bone Marrow Appetizer Recipes

Easy Mike’s Beef Bone Marrow Appetizer Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mike’s Beef Bone Marrow Appetizer Recipes

  1. 4-3 ” Beef Marrow Bones [per person]
  2. Regarding The Roasted Marrow
  3. Dash Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  4. Dash Worchestershire Sauce
  5. Dash Granulated Garlic
  6. Dash Refreshing Rosemary
  7. Dash Fresh Thyme
  8. Dash Sea Salt [go easy if using salt blocks]
  9. For The Loaf of bread
  10. 1 Loaf Baguette Loaf of bread [toasted – 4 – 1″ slices per person]
  11. For The Parsley Salad
  12. as desired Fresh Parsley [1/4 cup per person]
  13. as desired Fresh Lemon Juice
  14. in order to taste Fresh Ground Black color Pepper
  15. For The Enhancements
  16. as needed Fresh Perfectly chilled Lemon Wedges
  17. Course Ocean Salt

Step-step making Mike’s Beef Bone Marrow Appetizer

  1. Heat oven to 425 Season bones and marrow together with everything in the Roasted Marrow section.

  2. Roast regarding 7 to 10 minutes dependent upon bone size.

  3. At the same time, cut your plain baguette bread directly into 1″ slices and place found in the oven for 3 mins – or, until browned in addition to crispy.

  4. In the particular meantime, create your easy, tangy parsley salad. Mix and refrigerate. Slice your chilled lemons like well.

  5. Place warm roasted bones, crispy crostinis, perfectly chilled lemon wedges and parsley greens directly on individual Himalayan Ocean Salt blocks for serving.

  6. Nom nom!

  7. Sprinkle on some ocean sodium. Enjoy!