Easy Dumpling – wonton #chinesecooking Recipes

Easy Dumpling – wonton #chinesecooking Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Dumpling – wonton #chinesecooking Recipes

  1. Wrapper:
  2. Please refer in order to the recipe of gyoza / vegies dumpling

    Step-step making Dumpling – wonton #chinesecooking

    1. Prepare the wrapper. Please see the detail on my Gyoza / veg dumpling and dumpling wrapper.

    2. Prepare the minced chicken. Use the chicken thigh is better than chicken breast. You may buy the ready minced chicken.

    3. Season the minced chicken with salt, pepper, poultry powder, chopped spring onion and corn starch. Mix it well

    4. Take one wrapper and place one teaspoon minced poultry in the middle of wrapper. Close off the wrapper by pinching them or use some water to seal them.

    5. Complete up the rest of the wrapper and chicken.

    6. Prepare a pot of 2 ltr water. Provide it to boil. Add 1 tablespoon oil to water.

    7. Place in the 3 to 4 items dumpling and boil it around 5 minutes depends on how big the dumpling.

    8. Remove out the boiled dumpling. Boil the other dumplings.

    9. Serve the dumpling along with soya sauce or sweet sour thai chili sauce or cook it in chicken soup.