Easy Egg Shakshuka Recipes

Easy Egg Shakshuka Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Egg Shakshuka Recipes

  1. 1-2 eggs
  2. 1 tiny onion
  3. 1 small tomato
  4. 1 mushroom optional
  5. small piece of bell self defense
  6. As needed tomato substance
  7. To taste Salt
  8. In order to taste black pepper dust
  9. vegetables oil
  10. water

Step-step making Egg Shakshuka

  1. Cutt the particular onion, pepper, tomato plus mashurom to small piceses.

  2. Add veggie oil to the very hot pan.

  3. Include the onion, pepper, mashurom, tomato until soften include little water if required.

  4. Add the particular tomato paste to the particular ingredients and mix togather.

  5. Break the particular egg inside the skillet add salt and dark pepper.

  6. Function it hot with breads