Easy Apricot compote Recipes


Easy Apricot compote Recipes

The ingredients Easy Apricot compote Recipes

  1. 650 g apricots
  2. just one cup glucose
  3. 1 glass water
  4. 1/8 cup maraschino liqueur (optionally)

Step-step making Easy Apricot compote Recipes>

  1. Pick apricots that are not soft. Wash them, cut these people in half and get rid of the pit.

  2. Disect the water with typically the sugar for 5 mins

  3. And add typically the apricots. Boil for approximately for five minutes.

  4. Make positive that from three mins onwards you have to be able to keep a constant attention on them and since soon as you find that they have obtained tender, remove with a new sifter ladle.

  5. Spot them in sterilized containers, boil the syrup a new little longer, take away from heat and if an individual like, add the liqueur.

  6. Douse the apricots with the syrup in addition to store the compote regarding as long as an individual like.