Easy Mike’s End Of Summer Salad Recipes

Easy Mike’s End Of Summer Salad Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Mike’s End Of Summer Salad Recipes

  1. ● For The Salad [as needed or, to taste – just about all chopped]
  2. Feta Mozzarella cheese
  3. Red Onions
  4. White Onions
  5. Artichoke Hearts and minds
  6. Green Onions
  7. Yellow Banana Peppers
  8. Radishes
  9. Celery [with leaves]
  10. Green Bell Peppers
  11. Yellow Bell Peppers
  12. Black Or Green Olives
  13. Red Bell Peppers
  14. Orange Bell Peppers
  15. Mushrooms
  16. Cucumbers
  17. Celery
  18. Cilantro
  19. Parsley
  20. Pear Tomatoes
  21. Snap Peas
  22. Cauliflower
  23. Red Pepper Flakes
  24. ● For The Dressing
  25. 1. 07 oz Package Good Periods Italian Dressing
  26. Vinager
  27. Oil
  28. Water
  29. ● For The Sides
  30. Any Sweet Chilled Fruits

Step-step making Mike’s End Of Summer Salad

  1. Rinse, pat dry and chop most vegetables.

  2. Mix your salad dressing as for every manufactures directions. Good Seasons is a new great brand of Italian Dressing. Bottled Kraft Zesty Italian is another excellent one if you want to help save some time.

  3. Gently mix dressing and Feta Cheese into your salad.

  4. Chill salad intended for at least 1 hour before portion. Stir occasionally. Serve with any cooled sweet fruit to counter some regarding the tartness of both the dairy products and dressing. Enjoy!