Easy Crispy Dried Parsley Recipes

Easy Crispy Dried Parsley Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Crispy Dried Parsley Recipes

  1. 1 collection parsley
  2. 4 paper towels
  3. 1 micro wave

Step-step making Crispy Dried Parsley

  1. Pick and clean parsley. If you wash it, make sure it’s really dry before you get to the next step.

  2. Lay away a couple of paper towels upon a microwave-safe plate. Scatter the parsley leaves on the paper towels. Spot another couple of paper towels over the top. Kinda like if you were going to make the tour’s worst sandwich (parsley on paper).

  3. Microwave about high for 60 seconds. Smells fairly good. Check it out. If it can not crispy yet, do another thirty seconds, and so on until if you’re satisfied.