Easy Vickys Easy Cake Truffles Recipes

Easy Vickys Easy Cake Truffles Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Vickys Easy Cake Truffles Recipes

  1. cake offcuts, crumbed
  2. a few tbsp buttercream, free-from recipe below
  3. rum or orange extract
  4. chocolate strands / vermecelli

Step-step making Vickys Easy Cake Truffles

  1. Keep any chocolate cake offcuts throughout a bag in the freezer together with just add to them whenever an individual make a cake! When you’ve acquired a decent bagful, whizz them way up in a food processor

  2. Bind them having a few tablespoons of buttercream. 40g butter to 90g icing / powder sugar is a good mix to get this but again, if you’ve built a cake and have leftover buttercream, freeze your leftovers as you simply need a small amount of buttercream. Add some rum or orange acquire to the buttercream before mixing having the cake crumbs. The new concoction needs to be stickier than treat pops and should hold together simply

  3. Pack and roll into golf-sized balls

  4. Roll in the chocolate strands – this is why you need a slightly sticky mix!

  5. Place into paper cupcake cases to serve