Easy Indian authentic mustard saag (leaves of mustard)#post 41 Recipes

Easy Indian authentic mustard saag (leaves of mustard)#post 41 Recipes

The ingredients Easy Indian authentic mustard saag (leaves of mustard)#post 41 Recipes

  1. 1 lot Mustard leaves
  2. 1 inches Ginger piece
  3. 4-5 Green chillies
  4. 2 tbsp Jaggery sugar powder
  5. 2 Onion
  6. 3-4 tbsp Corn flour
  7. 3-4 tbsp Clarified butter/desi ghee
  8. 1 tbsp Butter fo’ garnishing

Step-step making Easy Indian authentic mustard saag (leaves of mustard)#post 41 Recipes

  1. Firstly cut then wash the mustard leaves 3-4 time by dipping within plenty of water as it includes a lot of dust in this

  2. Chop roughly 3/4inch ginger and green chilles

  3. Consider a pressure cooker and put cut mustard leaves immediately after wash together with ginger and green chillies within it.. add salt, jaggery sugar in addition to close the lid of pressure oven.. put the pressure cooker on fire and cook fo’ at least 35 minutes on full flame till 8-10 whistles.. Flame off.. Let to launch the steam automatically out of stress cooker as cooking process continous within the pressure cooker even after transitioning of the flame

  4. Open up the lid of pressure cooker in addition to stir the saag properly.. check exactly how much the saag reduce and likewise check the water level (moisture) in addition to add 2cups of water.. Close the particular lid again and cook fo’ 35 -35 minutes more on”sim”flame.. after 35 minutes switch off the flame in addition to open the pressure cooker as first of all

  5. Blend the cooked mustard leaves (saag)with the help of the electric or traditional hand blender.. u may make this process in blend food blender then u have to cool straight down the saag completely (as the warm saag can come out of container during blending due to very warm steam present in the saag)

  6. After blending add the laddle full of dry corn(maize) flour within it slowly while stirring very properly as no lumps should be shaped.. hot water can be added from this stage according to the uniformity of saag.. It should be heavy (n’t runny or pouring).. let this to simmer fo’ about 15-20 mins at very low heat by masking the lid (be cautious, this period u have n’t to pressure prepare the saag, simply cover with top as at this stage too very much hot bubbles of saag can arrived out of lid

  7. Attention fully stirring the saag in bubbling process.. heat off

  8. Yo’r indian authentic mustard leaves saag is usually ready now

  9. Tadka_chop onion and 1/4 inch of ginger within fine brunoise dice

  10. Temperature clarified butter/ghee in the pan in addition to stir fry first chopped ginger next after 1 minute add chopped onion and stir fry till golden brownish in colour.. Add tadka in saag and give a good mix

  11. Take a serving bowl, include saag in it and garnish together with a big spoon of chilled butter

  12. Serve warm with corn(maize) flour chapatti and “Ginger, green chilli pickle”