Easy Jackfruit jam Recipes

Easy Jackfruit jam Recipes

The ingredients Easy Jackfruit jam Recipes

  1. 2 cups jackfruit deseeded
  2. 1 cup and 3 tablespoons Jaggery
  3. 1/2 teaspoon Cardamom powder
  4. 1/2 cup ghee

Step-step making Easy Jackfruit jam Recipes

  1. First boil the jaggery with water just enough to soak it, then strain it and keep aside.

  2. Now take the jackfruit plus pressure cook it with small water and keep aside.

  3. Now take mixi jar and blend the fruit well.

  4. Now take the big wok or a Kadai let it be deep to prevent too much spluttering, after that add the clean jaggery to the wok and allow it to get thick. To check out you can add to mug of water if it will not dissolve it’s correct regularity. Now add the jackfruit insert and cardamom powder to the jaggery.

  5. Mix nicely and bring it to the boil once done add 0.5 of the 1/2 cup ghee and mix well and provide it to a boil with regard to 3 mins.

  6. Right now second time after boiling with regard to 3 mins add the sleep of the ghee and provide it to a boil. In case it’s done in two actions the ghee will mix well and give a good glaze. At this stage you may see it becoming darker inside colour.

  7. Serve tasty jackfruit jam with bread or roti. Store for a month within the fridge.