Easy Walnut Bon-Bons Recipes

Easy Walnut Bon-Bons Recipes

The ingredients Easy Walnut Bon-Bons Recipes

  1. 2 walnut halves for each bon-bon
  2. Dulce de leche pastry (necessary amount)
  3. Chocolate to melt in bar (chopped) or pearls (necessary amount)
  4. Waxed paper
  5. cups Paper candy

Step-step making Easy Walnut Bon-Bons Recipes

  1. Ingredients:

  2. Smear a half of walnut having dulce de leche pastry
    Cover up with the other half of pine
    Make the amount involving walnut sandwiches you want (reserve)

  3. To melt typically the chocolate:

    To bain jessica:

    Place boiling water throughout a pot
    At low heat range maintain the water temperature
    Spot inside the pot a container having the chocolate inside it, the gift basket should not touch the bottom together with that is not be submerged on the water
    When that starts to melt stir until typically the chocolate is completely melted

  4. In the microwave:

    Place the chocolate in some sort of container in the microwave, melt that at maximum temperature for 30 a few moments
    Remove, stir, put back eighteen seconds
    Repeat periods of eighteen minutes, removing from microwave and stimulating until the chocolate is completely dissolved
    Tip. If the optimum level of melting is accidentally exceeded, an individual can recover the chocolate by introducing pearls or chocolate fragments by pairing them until they are melted throughout the chocolate

  5. To covers walnuts sandwiches with chocolate:

    Take a walnut sandwich with typically the help of two forks or some sort of toothpick inserted in a dulce para leche filling, dip it in typically the chocolate, remove it
    Place that on a wax paper until that cools
    Repeat the same technique with each walnut sandwich
    To be able to serve place it on paper sweet cups