Easy Mix veggies soup Recipes

Easy Mix veggies soup Recipes

The ingredients Easy Mix veggies soup Recipes

  1. a single corn cernals
  2. 1 carrot carefully chopped
  3. 1 capsicum finely chopped
  4. several tbsp onions carefully chopped
  5. 2 tbsp ginger garlic chopped
  6. 1/2 tsp soya sauce
  7. 1 tsp chilli sauce
  8. a single tsp tomato marinade
  9. 1 tbsp corn flour
  10. To tastes Salt as for every taste
  11. 1 tbsp oil
  12. 1 teaspoon crushed black cayenne pepper

Step-step making Easy Mix veggies soup Recipes

  1. Boil corn and grind it

  2. Hart oil in pan put onion saute it for two a few minutes add ginger and garlic saute that add corns mixture and all veggies mix it cook for few a few minutes add water salt, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce mix it and even boil it keep for simmer very low heat add black pepper

  3. Mix cornflour in water mix effectively add this mixture in boiling soup keep stirring cook till soup heavy in consistency