Easy Biranj Recipes

Easy Biranj Recipes

The ingredients Easy Biranj Recipes

  1. 1 mug biranj rice or basmati
  2. 1/2 cup sugar
  3. 10-12 strings kesar
  4. 3 tbsp ghee
  5. 1 tbsp chanadal
  6. 7-8 pieces cardamom
  7. 2 sticks cinammom
  8. 6-7 cloves
  9. 10-12 pieces rasinis
  10. 6-7 items cashew
  11. 6-7 pieces Almond

Step-step making Easy Biranj Recipes

  1. Soak biranj rice for 1/2hr. Bathe chanadal for 1/2hr wash and steam 80/. Now put ghee on the pan add cinnamon sticks cloves saute roast all nuts and take away in a plate. Now add grain saute for 5mons. on mid fire. Add cardamom just open and include dana. Add water and cook 90/. rice

  2. Roast kesar and mash in the palm with thumb and add inside 1/2cup warm water soak for 10mins. and pour in a rice. Protect the lid cook well on sluggish flame. till ghee release add chanadal and sugar mix properly and protect the lid cook 5-7mins on decrease flame. till sugar melt and ghee release. Add nuts and serve.

  3. Yummy tasty biranj is ready to serve.