Easy Goat Meat Stew Recipes

Easy Goat Meat Stew Recipes

The ingredients Easy Goat Meat Stew Recipes

  1. 1 kilogram goat meat
  2. 1 kilogram Tomatoes
  3. 10 fresh habanero Pepper
  4. 5 Tatashe
  5. 1 tsp Curry powder
  6. 2 cksp vegetables oil
  7. 4 Ginger thumbs
  8. 5 Garlic clove
  9. to be able to taste Salt
  10. 2 big size Onions
  11. 4 knorr cubes

Step-step making Easy Goat Meat Stew Recipes

  1. Wash and boil the goat meats with salt, knorr cube, onions until it’s cooked through and it’s sensitive, set aside

  2. Blend tomato vegetables with tatashe, pepper, onions, ginger plus garlic and set aside; heat upward pot or frying pan on warmth add veg oil and fry the particular meat a little bit.

  3. Use same oil pour in the particular blended tomatoes paste and allow in order to fry, stir so it doesn’t burn off. cook till the water dries away and the sour taste is eliminated

  4. Pour in the goat meat stock and stir in small water if necessary and simmer upon low heat

  5. Add salt, knorr cube and curry finally. include the fried meat, allow to steam very well then bring down.

  6. Serve with boiled white rice