Easy Raveronni Lasagna Recipes

Easy Raveronni Lasagna Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Raveronni Lasagna Recipes

  1. just one bag frozen ravioli, any kind you prefer. I actually used beef
  2. Large jar of pasta marinade
  3. Large carrier of shredded mozzarella cheese
  4. Package sliced pepperoni
  5. Oregano
  6. Vegetable oil

Step-step making Raveronni Lasagna

  1. In the baking pan you’ll be using, lay out the frozen ravioli into a layer then double it. This is just so you know how many to cook. There will be 2 layers of ravioli. I fit 15 in mine so I cooked 30 raviolis. Boil according to package directions. I undercooked them a little since they’ll be in the oven anyways. Drain the water and ad a bit of oil and mix to prevent sticking. Let cool in the pot to room temp.

  2. Now build the lasagna. Now I realize it’s called lasagna because that’s the name of the noodles that are used. We’re not using those noodles so why is this called lasagna you may ask? Cuz this is ‘Merica that’s why!

  3. Oil the baking dish a little. Now lay down a thin layer of sauce. Now a layer of the cooked ravioli. Next, top that with a layer of pepperoni. Now a generous layer of sauce. It’s at this point I adding some extra spices. I sprinkled some oregano to give the store bought sauce a little more punch. Next top generously with the cheese. Repeat all steps.

  4. Heat oven to 375. Cover baking pan loosely with foil so the cheese won’t stick to it. Bake for approx. 30-40 mins or until the cheese on top is completely melted. Remove foil and bake uncovered an additional 10-15 minutes to get that nice golden brown on the cheese. Remove from oven and let cool at least 15 minutes before cutting otherwise you’ll have a runny, sloppy mess. Easy prep and SO good. Enjoy