Easy Beef stew Recipes

Easy Beef stew Recipes

The ingredients Easy Beef stew Recipes

  1. a single kg beef stew
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 1 red onion
  4. 1 ground beef stock
  5. 1 TSP garlic and ginger stick
  6. 1 TSP BBQ
  7. 1 TSP chicken spice
  8. a single TSP steak d chop spice
  9. 2 TEASPOON rajah mild
  10. 3 TBS darkish onion

Step-step making Easy Beef stew Recipes

  1. Rinse the meat and let that cook until it’s soft and offer.

  2. Chop the potatoes together with soak them in water

  3. Chop onion once it chopped spot it aside.

  4. Then look at your meat once it’s now baking then add the onion and garlic oil and ginger paste let it sauté for a while then add typically the beef stock.

  5. Stir typically the meat and garlic and ginger composite mixture. Then add the spices permit it fry a minute then put the peeled potatoes.

  6. Subsequently add the dash of water to be able to soften the potatoes.

  7. Following they’ve cooked the prepare the concoction of water and brown onion soups.

  8. Once it’s ready together with the potatoes are cooked to delicate then add the soup thickens together with lower the stove heat.

  9. The stew it’s ready and typically the potatoes are also soft the straightforward stew can be enjoyed with pap and rice.

  10. Chop typically the potatoes and soak them in normal water

  11. Chop onion once that chopped place it aside.

  12. Then check your meat once they have now frying then add the red onion and garlic and ginger paste permit it sauté for a while subsequently add the beef stock.

  13. Stir the meat and garlic together with ginger paste mixture. Then add typically the spices let it fry an instant then add the peeled potatoes.

  14. Then add the dash involving water to soften the potatoes.

  15. After they’ve cooked the make the mixture of water and darkish onion soup.

  16. Once they have ready and the potatoes are baked to soft then add the soups thickens and lower the stove heating.

  17. The stew it’s all set and the potatoes are also delicate the simple stew can be relished with pap and rice.