Easy Tomato Curry Recipes

Easy Tomato Curry Recipes

The ingredients Easy Tomato Curry Recipes

  1. 3 medium tomatoes chopped
  2. 3 potatoes boiled
    Step-step making Easy Tomato Curry Recipes

    1. Heat the oil in a wok

    2. Add the tempering elements one by one and wait regarding the seeds to splutter

    3. Once done, add and sauté the particular onions until translucent

    4. In the meantime create the slurry and keep this ready

    5. Once onions are usually done, add the slurry and prepare covered until oil separates

    6. Then add in the tomatoes adopted by salt. cook covered until these people turn mushy

    7. Once nearly done, roughly mash the potatoes in addition to add them now

    8. Combine well and add some water very good enough to bring the gravy in order to desired consistency

    9. I such as my curry dry, so it got roughly 10 minutes to cook.

    10. To finish, add a dashboard of sugar, coriander leaves and garam masala powders(add a dash of kasuri methi for that extra flavour, when desired)

    11. Mix well in addition to take off heat.

    12. Assist our lovely tomato curry with pooris, chapatis, parantha, etc. Enjoy!

    13. For a movie associated with the recipe, Check out:

    14. Https: //youtu. be/EzPFCkeohjc