Easy Puffed rice balls (sweet) Recipes

Easy Puffed rice balls (sweet) Recipes

The ingredients Easy Puffed rice balls (sweet) Recipes

  1. 1/4 cup water
  2. 0.25 teaspoon cardamom powder
  3. one cup jaggery
  4. 4 mugs puffed rice
  5. rose to garnish

Step-step making Easy Puffed rice balls (sweet) Recipes

  1. Boil quarter cup water in a new pan. Add in the cardamom dust to it. Add in the jaggery and let it boil until the particular jaggery is completely melted. Strain the particular melted jaggery mixture to remove any kind of impurities and sand. Add it back again to the pan and start cooking food the mixture again.

  2. Any time the mixture starts becoming syrupy, consider a little bit of the viscous syrup in a spoon and drop this in a bowl of water. Try out gathering the mixture to form a new ball. You should be able in order to form a nice firm ball. As soon as you reach this stage, remove the particular jaggery mixture from heat.

  3. Immediately add the jaggery mixture in order to the puffed rice (pori). Mix properly with a spatula until thoroughly blended. Take a small piece of the particular mixture and make into balls. Duplicate with the remaining mixture and help to make balls. Set aside on a platter to cool. Garnish with rose padding and serve or store in atmosphere tight container for a week.