Easy Spaghetti tomato sauce Recipes

Easy Spaghetti tomato sauce Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Spaghetti tomato sauce Recipes

  1. 250 gr spaghetti
  2. 50 gr chopped onion
  3. 200 ml tomato puree or fresh tomato plants
  4. salt
  5. self defense
  6. dried oregano
  7. olive oil

Step-step making Spaghetti tomato sauce

  1. Heat a pot involving boiled water with 2 lt water and 3 tbsp sodium

  2. High temperature your pan with olive petrol. Add chopped onion. Stir that for 2 minutes. Add throughout the tomato puree or clean tomato

  3. Season your tomato sauce using salt, pepper and pinch sweets. Add the dried oregano. Convert down the heat, cook that for 5 minutes until typically the sauce a bit thickened.

  4. After typically the water boiled, add in typically the spaghetti and cook it intended for 12-13 minutes until it is definitely al dente depends on every single brand of spaghetti.

  5. After spaghetti is definitely cooked, strain it out.

  6. Add typically the spaghetti to the tomato sauce. Cook it for 2 a few minutes and mix it well using the sauce. You may put some water from the preparing food pasta.

  7. Plate the spaghetti and all set to serve.