Easy Rajasthani meetha chawal Recipes


Easy Rajasthani meetha chawal Recipes

The ingredients Easy Rajasthani meetha chawal Recipes

  1. 1 pan rice (80% cooked)
  2. a single bowl sugar
  3. 2 tbsp ghee
  4. 2 elaichi
  5. 2 laung
  6. a couple of dal chini
  7. 1 lower kesar colour (food shade
  8. As needed Dry benefits and Kesar

Step-step making Easy Rajasthani meetha chawal Recipes>

  1. Boil rice on one side…
    when rice is 80% baked strain it and add sugar together with colour into the hot rice together with cover it with the lid….

  2. On the other side throughout a pan add ghee and put long, elachi, dal chini, and subsequently add the rice….
    Stir that light handedly and then place that on a heated tava for 5 various mins…… and then add the crazy
    And it ready…..

  3. Meethikhichudi is very popular recipe in Marwadis and we make that along with charkhi khichudi….
    They have homemade delicacy made out of hemp