Easy Fig jam with cocoa powder and roasted almonds Recipes


Easy Fig jam with cocoa powder and roasted almonds Recipes

The ingredients Easy Fig jam with cocoa powder and roasted almonds Recipes

  1. 1 kg figs
  2. 400 g sugar
  3. 1 tbsp black cocoa powder
  4. 1 whole lemon (peel and juice)
  5. a hundred g blanched almonds

Step-step making Easy Fig jam with cocoa powder and roasted almonds Recipes>

  1. Choose ripe but firm figs.

  2. Peel the skin off the figs (if your figs come from an area without any air pollution or car exhausts you don’t have to peel them, the skin is edible and contributes to the final result, but make sure you wash them first).

  3. Quarter them and place them in the pot, one layer of figs, then cover them with sugar, another layer of figs, then sugar and set them aside overnight. The figs will absorb the sugar and let out their juices.

  4. On the following day, boil them over moderate to low heat together with the sugar and the lemon (juice and peel), stirring constantly so that the jam doesn’t stick to the pot. Skim off the foam from time to time. You may use the lemon peel whole (it will contribute not just its pectin but also the distinct aroma and you can remove it in the end) or sliced into very thin strips like matchsticks (which you leave in the jam and will give it a very aromatic and particular taste).

  5. Toast the almonds (in a frying pan, stirring constantly so they are evenly toasted. Make sure that you don’t allow them to turn brown because then they have a very bitter taste).

  6. Grind the almonds in a food processor, then mix well with the cocoa powder and set the mixture aside until you need to use it.

  7. As soon as the jam starts to boil, if you like, you can remove the seeds that rise to the surface using a fine strainer. If they don’t bother you, just leave them, since they serve a good purpose in your body. You can always remove just the first ones that you see. Anyhow, the more you remove, the smoother the texture of the jam is going to be.

  8. When the jam has boiled (it will start to set, look glossy and will not stick to the sides of the pan, but you can always do the cold plate test*), remove the pot from heat.

  9. Add the mixture of the almonds and cocoa powder and mix thoroughly.

  10. Store the jam in sterilized jars while it’s still hot, close well and turn them upside down so that the jars seal properly. It is important to have the jars seal well since there are no additional preservatives in the jam.

  11. The final result is a jam with a very soft texture and extremely delicious. Try it on a pice of fresh bread and it will be love at first… taste!!