Easy Oreo Choco lollipops Recipes

Easy Oreo Choco lollipops Recipes

The ingredients Easy Oreo Choco lollipops Recipes

  1. 10-12 oreo cream biscuits
  2. 100 general motors white chocolate compound
  3. two tbsp milk
  4. 1 teaspoon melted butter
  5. as desired Lollipop sticks or toothpicks

Step-step making Easy Oreo Choco lollipops Recipes

  1. Separate cream from oreo biscuits. Retain cream aside.

  2. Grind biscuits in a good powder.

  3. Add butter and milk in cookie powder. Knead a tight dough.

  4. Knead cookie cream.

  5. Make equal small marble size golf balls.

  6. Today make lemon size balls with cookie dough. Place cream ball and provide round shape.

  7. Repeat this process to help to make all balls. Fix lollipop stick inside center of ball.

  8. Now microwave white dark chocolate for 2 minutes.

  9. Dip biscuit ball within melted chocolate. Coat with the assist of spoon.

  10. Place it on alluminium foil. Keep it in fridge for 25 minutes.

  11. Oreo Choco lollipops are ready in order to serve.