Easy Fusion delight Recipes


Easy Fusion delight Recipes

The ingredients Easy Fusion delight Recipes

  1. Ingredients: For Shrikhand: Put up Curd – 1 cup Icing sugar – 1
  2. For Paneer balls: New paneer – 1/2 cup Chopped pista/cashews
  3. With regard to Garnish: Grated Beetroot n Pitachios

Step-step making Easy Fusion delight Recipes>

  1. Method: Take hung curd in some sort of strainer n put icing sugar together with strain it in a bowl. Put cardamom powder. Add beetroot juice together with mix well. Shrikhand is ready. Preserve aside.

  2. Take paneer and add icing sweets n mix n mash well right up until smooth. Stuff nuts n make smaller balls.

  3. In a serving dish take shrikhand and put paneer balls n decoration is with grated beetroot n pistas.

  4. Offer chilled as dessert. Kids will absolutely love this fusion.