Easy Pasta rice jollof Recipes

Easy Pasta rice jollof Recipes

The ingredients Easy Pasta rice jollof Recipes

  1. 1 pack pasta rice
  2. 3 redbell peppers
  3. 2 onions
  4. Scotchbonnet as required
  5. Garlic and ginger paste
  6. Seasoning
  7. Spices
  8. Salt
  9. Oil
  10. Carrots diced
  11. cubes Green pepper cut into
  12. Cooked beef with stock

Step-step making Easy Pasta rice jollof Recipes

  1. Blend the red peppers, scotchbonnet, and 1 onion.

  2. Put some oil in a pot and add some ginger and garlic paste. slice thd remaining onion and add half to the pot fry till translucent then add the blended red pepper mix.

  3. Add the beef stock and enough water to cook the pasta rice you can add more later when needed.

  4. Add the beef cubes, season to taste and add your spices bring to boil then add the pasta rice.

  5. When almost cooked add the carrots sliced onions and green pepper cover and allow to cook. enjoy!