Easy Celery Leaves Mazegohan Recipes


Easy Celery Leaves Mazegohan Recipes

The ingredients Easy Celery Leaves Mazegohan Recipes

  1. 400-500 grams Celery Leaves

    Step-step making Easy Celery Leaves Mazegohan Recipes>

    1. Wash the Celery Leaves and Skinny Stalks well and finely chop upwards. You will get around 400 to be able to 500g of them from one huge bunch of celery.

    2. High temperature Oil in a frying pan above medium to high heat and make Celery Leaves and Thin Stalks. Put the Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce and even Gochujang (OR Chilli Flakes), and continue to keep cooking, mixing well, until the marinade is almost gone.

    3. Put the Toasted Sesame Seeds and blend well. *Note: If you like Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes) you can add a new small bag of Katsuobushi.

    4. Mix the mixture with freshly cooked properly rice, or you can simply delight in it with the rice.