Easy Sloppy Joe Philly steak and cheese, Recipes

Easy Sloppy Joe Philly steak and cheese, Recipes

The ingredients Easy Sloppy Joe Philly steak and cheese, Recipes

  1. 2 lbs ground turkey or surface beef (I used ground beef)
  2. just one onion chopped
  3. 1 green bell pepper chopped (if you have an red bell potatoes then use some of that as well! )
  4. 1/2 container chopped up mushrooms
  5. 2-3 diced (pepperoncinis optional)
  6. 1-2 Jalapeo diced (optional)
  7. 1/2 cup A2 Sauce
  8. 1/2 cups meat broth (just water is fine as well, if you dont have any stock) I used water
  9. sodium and pepper to taste garlic herb in order to taste
  10. sliced cheese (I used Provolone cheese or Swiss regarding this)
  11. Hot dog buttocks or hamburgers buns or any progresses or bread you like (I bread toasted mine then toast it once again together with meat mixture and cheese on this
  12. Toppings
  13. Member of the lettuce family
  14. Tomatoes
  15. Mayonaise
  16. Hot sauce
  17. Or can keep it easy together with just cheese

Step-step making Easy Sloppy Joe Philly steak and cheese, Recipes

  1. Stove top and instant pot. Instructions. Cut or dice all veggies I actually used and onion dicer.

  2. Brown turkey or even beef in a pot. Once browned drain the grease put back inside pan add all cut up vegetables (I used my instant pot)

  3. Cook upon medium heat until they are prepared through. Mix in the rest associated with the ingredients

  4. Bring to a bubble and then simply cover and let simmer for the good 10 minutes.
    Spoon on to any kind of bun. Top along with the cheese and Enjoy!

  5. Crockpot directions : Just combine everything in the cooking pot and let cook on low all of day. (I did everything in our instant pot but put in our crockpot on low to cook this down (2hrs) you could used the particular instant pot slow cooker but I actually never used that.

  6. Notes- I used popular dog buns toasted them, then include the meat mixture and cheese then simply toasted them again so the cheese was melted. I toasted them thus the buns would not get saturated