Easy Sing pak Recipes

Easy Sing pak Recipes

The ingredients Easy Sing pak Recipes

  1. a hundred g singdana
  2. 50 g glucose
  3. 10 g coconut powder
  4. 1/2 a glass water

Step-step making Easy Sing pak Recipes

  1. Roast the singdana.

  2. Consider out the skin from it.

  3. Crush it.

  4. Help to make a chasani for it: take large pan add sugar and add 0.5 glass of water. Boil it until it becomes thick. When it will become one line chasani turn off the particular gass. Our main portions is prepared.

  5. Add crushed singdana, coconut powder in it.

  6. Combine it well.

  7. And exchange in flat plate.

  8. Lower into small pieces.

  9. Appreciate!!!