Easy Haleem from Rib Roast Recipes

Easy Haleem from Rib Roast Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Haleem from Rib Roast Recipes

  1. 4 Ribs with meat of a new Cooked Rib Roast – Seperated
  2. a single Medium Onion sliced
  3. quarter cup Desi Ghee
  4. a single ts cumin seeds
  5. twelve whole black pepper hammer toe
  6. 4 Bay Leaves
  7. 6th Cloves
  8. 2 Black Cardamoms
  9. 1 ts salt
  10. 1 TB Karahi Gosht Masala (National Brand – Pakistan)
  11. 1 Cup Barley
  12. a single Cup Channa Dal

Step-step making Haleem from Rib Roast

  1. Use a 8qts. Heavy Bottom Weed. Heat Ghee, Add Cumin Seeds, Onions and Garlic, Add all the seasonings and cook 5 mts.

  2. Add Barley in addition to Channa Dal and Cook 5 mts. Add two cups of Water. Increase Ribs.

  3. Fill up with water. Bring in order to a mild boil. Reduce heat in order to very low and let it make until meat has fallon off the particular bones. Take the bones out. Making use of an electric hand held blender, combination everything to a smooth consistancy. Ornament with light browned sauted onions in addition to cilantro. Serve with Chapati or Grain.