Easy Nerikiri Wagashi: “Tsubaki” (Camellia) Recipes


Easy Nerikiri Wagashi: “Tsubaki” (Camellia) Recipes

The ingredients Easy Nerikiri Wagashi: “Tsubaki” (Camellia) Recipes

  1. 10 g Koshi-an (red bean jam)
  2. 20 g Nerikiri-dough
  3. Please refer to “Example: how to make a Dough for Nerikiri-Wagashi (with wheat flour)”
  4. Food colorings (red and yellow)

Step-step making Easy Nerikiri Wagashi: “Tsubaki” (Camellia) Recipes>

  1. Ingredients for 1 piece

  2. Utensils

  3. Knead the cash to make it smooth. Divide typically the dough into each parts. Divide typically the dough into each parts.

  4. Colorize the small dough for stamens with yellow foodstuff colorings.

  5. Colorize the smaller dough for padding with red food colorings.

  6. (All parts will be prepared)

  7. Make petals. Make the bigger light dough round and flat. Divide typically the red dough into 7 or 6 and put them on the bright dough. Wrap a red bean quickly pull ball with this dough.

  8. Make 5 abandons side of the dough.

  9. Squash it some sort of little. Make a round dent on the subject of the center.

  10. Make stamens. Make the white wine dough rectangle and the yellow cash narrow strip. Put the yellow cash on a side of the white colored one. Put incisions in the yellow hue side. Turn it over and rotate it.

  11. Put the stamens in the reduction of the petals’ center.