Easy Cinnamon Sugar Almonds Recipes

Easy Cinnamon Sugar Almonds Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Cinnamon Sugar Almonds Recipes

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    Step-step making Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

    1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook on medium heat.

    2. The dark colour liquid is usually getting thick and it soon begins looking like caramel. This stage a person worry when to stop cooking since the caramel would quickly become sticky like toffee. Do not worry in addition to keep cooking stirring.

    3. Will it really look like caramel? It may be not caramel. It’s OK to retain cooking.

    4. When you retain cooking, the caramel-like liquid starts switching to dry sugar-like. That’s the stage to decide when to stop. A person can stop cooking when all almonds are well coated. Place them on cooking sheet and cool.

    5. *Warning: After the thick dark caramel-like solution turned to dry sugar-like, if a person still keep cooking, the sugar begins to melt and turn to genuine caramel. Caramel coated almonds are extremely nice, but they stick to every other and they are not necessarily effortless to handle. You might end upward spending hours to clean up the particular saucepan. (I have done that! )