Easy Papdi no lot Recipes

Easy Papdi no lot Recipes

The ingredients Easy Papdi no lot Recipes

  1. 3 cup water
  2. .5 spoon cumin seeds
  3. just one spoon efficient chilli paste
  4. 3/4 spoon salt
  5. .5 spoon carom seeds
  6. .25 spoon preparing soda
  7. just one cup hemp flour
  8. three or more spoon mustard oil
  9. just one spoon conversation masala

Step-step making Easy Papdi no lot Recipes

  1. Boil water in a big boat

  2. Add salt, cumin seed, green chilli paste and carom seed in boiling water

  3. Combine rice flour and baking soda in addition to mix quickly with spoon to stay away from lumps and dry flour

  4. Grease your palms with oil

  5. Make balls of rice flour mixture and flatten between palms

  6. Make a small hole inside it and steam in idli manufacturer for 10 minutes

  7. Lower into desired size and mix olive oil and chat masala

  8. Assist hot.