Easy Bread toast Recipes

Easy Bread toast Recipes

The ingredients Easy Bread toast Recipes

  1. 5 bread pieces
  2. 1/2 bunch coriander leaves
  3. 4 green chillies
  4. As needed butter
  5. As needed dhania chutney
  6. To taste salt
  7. 2 potatoes
  8. pieces few green chillies cut within small
  9. 2 onions reduce in round shaped
  10. Several frozen green peas
  11. As needed cheese
  12. As needed water
  13. 2 tomatoes
  14. round shaped
  15. l

Step-step making Easy Bread toast Recipes

  1. First boil potatoes, peel the potatoes then smashed,

  2. Put the potatoes in the mixing bowl, add the thinly sliced dhania leaves, green peas, green chillies, kashmir red chilli powder salt, mix it well and keep rest,

  3. Now take the bread and remove the side then add the butter and spread well,

  4. Next add the dhania chutney to the top of the butter, spread well

  5. Now put potato mix one side of the bread then add onion sliced, next tomato sliced in the same bread,

  6. Add adequate cheese to the top of the same bread then hold tightly one bread to other

  7. Do the same other breads also

  8. Now heat the non stick pan add the butter in the pan put bread

  9. Low the heat of the oven put weight to the top of the bread then fry,

  10. Fry both sides in the same way

  11. Then spread cheese, yummy bread toast is ready.