Easy Homemade noodle Recipes


Easy Homemade noodle Recipes

The ingredients Easy Homemade noodle Recipes

  1. 250 gr all purpose/whole wheat flour
  2. 50-80 ml water
  3. 0.5 tsp salt

Step-step making Easy Homemade noodle Recipes>

  1. Mix the flour, salt and normal water. Shape it to ball. Dough will need to not be too hard and also soft. Let it rest for you hour to be easier to rotate.

  2. Roll the dough in desire thickness (0. 5 cm)

  3. Fold one-fourth of the dough from left together with right side.

  4. Slice the dough with silverware into your desire thickness.

  5. With enough flour, separate the noodle and portion that.

  6. Split the noodle/open up the noodle.

  7. Boil 1-2 ltr water. Place the noodle in boiling water. Cook for 5-8minutes be dependent on the thickness of noodle. Try to make a try.

  8. Strain out the noodle. Many purpose flour noodle.

  9. Strain out the noodle. Whole wheat flour noodle