Easy Poricha pathiri/malabar fried pathiri Recipes

Easy Poricha pathiri/malabar fried pathiri Recipes

The ingredients Easy Poricha pathiri/malabar fried pathiri Recipes

  1. 2 cup Rice powder
  2. 2 cups Water
  3. a couple of tsp kalonji/onion seeds
  4. a couple of tsp solved butter
  5. Salt as each taste
  6. just one Small red onion finely chopped
  7. 1-2 efficient chilli
  8. two to three garlic cloves
  9. 2 tbsp coconut roughly grated
  10. 1 teaspoon cumin seed
  11. As desired Oil regarding frying

Step-step making Easy Poricha pathiri/malabar fried pathiri Recipes

  1. First in a maker acquire grated coconut and cumin plant seeds. Grind it coarsely. Keep this kind of aside.

  2. Now on a grinder take red onion, alternative chilli and garlic cloves. Smash it coarsly.

  3. Inside of pan add clarified butter, well then add grinded onion mix. Make meals for 2 minutes, until organic smell of onion goes out and about. now add 2 cups involving water and add kalonji plant seeds. Let it boil.

  4. Then add salt to typically the water and mix well. Simmer the flame. Then add hemp powder. Add rice powder very little by little and stirring consistently. keep mixing with the spatula for about 2-3 minutes. Convert off the flame.

  5. Now transfer this mix straight into tray, now add coconut cumin mix into this. Mix okay and make a soft cash.

  6. Now grease the palm and take small section of dough. Make some sort of golf ball shape and flatten that by simply using your fingers. Repeat this kind of process and make more pathiri.

  7. Take oil inside of a pan, fry these pathiri. Until they becomes light darkish in colour. poricha pathari is definitely ready. You can take in that like snacks or take in that with curry.