Easy Aloo Puri platter Recipes

Easy Aloo Puri platter Recipes

The ingredients Easy Aloo Puri platter Recipes

  1. For Raghda
  2. 150 gm dry peas (mutter)
  3. 2-3 potatoes
  4. 1tbsp ginger chilli garlic paste
  5. 1 piece green chilli chopped
  6. 1 tbsp Dhanya jeera powder
  7. 1 tsp termeric powder
  8. 1 tbsp red chilli powder
  9. 3 tbsp oil
  10. salt as per taste
  11. for puri
  12. 1 cup All purpose flour
  13. salt as per taste
  14. 2 tbsp oil
  15. 1 tsp carrom seeds
  16. 1 piece onion
  17. 1 piece Tomato
  18. 2 tbsp coriander chutney thick
  19. 2 tbsp kokum chutney
  20. 1-2 tbsp tikhi sev
  21. 1-2 tbsp spring onion

Step-step making Easy Aloo Puri platter Recipes

  1. Soak Mutter for 7-8hrs. and come. Soak dry kokum in water miniature. 2 hrs. and boil. Nowadd jeggary salt red chilli powder chaat masala ncook properly till it should turn out to be in thick consistency filter and let it to cool.

  2. Now boil potatoes together with cut in a cubes. boil subject add salt and termeric and whistle 7-10.

  3. Take a flour add salt oil and carrom vegetables. make a tight dough. rest to get 15 mins. make a big roti and cut small round with blade mechanism and fry

  4. For Raghda: -Put oil on a pan add chopped green chilli potatoes cubes without skin ginger chilli garlic paste and saute. add hard-boiled mutter red chilli powder garam masala haldi salt mix well, add 1/2glass water and cook for 7-10mins found on mid. flame. Sprinkle corriender chopped

  5. Now they have time to assemble. Arrange puri inside of a plate put 1 – 1tb. raghda in one puri. put red onion ring single green chutney kokum chutney and red chilli powder sprinkle tikhi sev. and spring red onion and work.

  6. Appetizing Aloo Puri platter is ready to be able to serve with raghda npuri and chutneys.