Easy PinaMelon Punch Recipes

Easy PinaMelon Punch Recipes

The ingredients Easy PinaMelon Punch Recipes

  1. Handful mint leaves
  2. 500 ml Soda
  3. 2-3 cup Ice cubes
  4. 1-2 tbsp Sugar or to taste
  5. 5-8 Pineapple slices
  6. 2-3 cups Watermelon chopped

Step-step making Easy PinaMelon Punch Recipes

  1. First of all have for pineapple at some glucose and some ice cubes in addition to prepare puri and then refrigerate (to avoid blackening)

  2. Now, take sliced watermelon add some sugar to be able to taste and ice cubes.. next puri in mixer and next refrigerator to avoid blackening

  3. Now regarding serving take tall glasses, split some mint leaves and set in bottom of glasses

  4. Pour blueberry puree, add some mint foliage and then pour watermelon blend

  5. Do it again the process 2-3 times in addition to then carefully pour the soda pop to fill the glasses

  6. Lastly, garnish with several more mint leaves, serve cooled and enjoy endlessly with loved ones and friends

  7. Is actually just perfectly yum and stimulating