Easy Sugarfree Black Rice pudding Recipes


Easy Sugarfree Black Rice pudding Recipes

The ingredients Easy Sugarfree Black Rice pudding Recipes

  1. 100 gms Black Rice soaked overnight/8 hours and strained
  2. 2 tbsn thick coconut creme
  3. 5-6 tbsn jaggery crushed/powdered
  4. 1 big pandan tea leaf
  5. to flavor Salt
  6. as needed Water

Step-step making Easy Sugarfree Black Rice pudding Recipes>

  1. Strain the black rice and keepaside

  2. Include 2 cups water in a stress cooker and cook the rice upto 3 whistles or till done

  3. Check if the rice is usually done. The mix should be heavy and slightly sticky

  4. Exchange rice mix in a saucepan/ wok and add 1 cup water, pandan leaf tied in knot and deliver it to boil

  5. Following add salt to taste and combine

  6. Add the jaggery together with reduce the heat and let simmer till thick

  7. In some sort of bowl combine coconut creme and some sort of pinch of salt

  8. When rice mix is done, get eliminate of the pandan leaf and have cool

  9. Serve chilled or perhaps at room temperature topped with some sort of spoonful of coconut creme

  10. Tips: pandan leaves are available throughout stores selling South East Asian herbs and veggies