Easy Bacon wrapped asparagus Recipes

Easy Bacon wrapped asparagus Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Bacon wrapped asparagus Recipes

  1. 6 asparagus
  2. Bacon cut half size wise
  3. Puff pastry slice in same width because bacon
  4. six asparagus
  5. Bacon cut half length smart
  6. Puff pastry cut within same width as sausage
  7. 6 asparagus
  8. Bacon reduce half length wise
  9. Smoke pastry cut in exact same width as bacon

Step-step making Bacon wrapped asparagus

  1. Preheat 400

  2. Wrap every single asparagus with bacon leave room consequently you can wrap with puff pastry

  3. Egg wash each a person

  4. Salt and pepper to be able to taste

  5. Bake 18 short minutes

  6. Preheat 400

  7. Wrap each asparagus with bacon abandon room so you can wrap having puff pastry

  8. Egg rinse each one

  9. Salt together with pepper to taste

  10. Make 18 minutes

  11. Preheat 300

  12. Wrap each asparagus having bacon leave room so you can easily wrap with puff pastry

  13. Egg wash each one

  14. Salt and pepper to taste

  15. Bake 18 minutes