Easy Taco Samosa Recipes

Easy Taco Samosa Recipes

The ingredients Easy Taco Samosa Recipes

  1. For Tacos
  2. 1 cup refined flour
  3. 2 Tsp ghee for moin
  4. 1 pinch sugar
  5. To taste Salt
  6. 1 tsp carom seeds
  7. as needed Water to make a firm Poori like dough
  8. as needed Oil to fry
  9. For filling
  10. 1 cup boiled and mashed potato
  11. 1/4 cup boiled peas
  12. to taste salt
  13. 1 tsp reddish chilli powder
  14. 1 tsp chat masala
  15. 1 tsp amchoor
  16. 2 tsp green coriander finely chopped
  17. 1 tsp finely chopped green chillies
  18. 1 pinch Asafoetida
  19. to taste Green chutney and imli chutney to serve
  20. as needed Bareek sev and chopped green coriander to garnish

Step-step making Easy Taco Samosa Recipes

  1. To make tacos, make an organization Poori like dough and keep away for 15-20 min.

  2. Try to make 5 equal parts of the well prepared dough, roll them with a coming pin and shape with the support of a steel taco shell. Produce small holes with the help involving fork to prevent them getting rised as poories. Deep Fry in typically the oil at medium flame till great brown. Keep aside.

  3. To get filling mix all the ingredients all of together and start assembling.

  4. Fill the a?os with Aloo masala, garnish with renewable chutney, imli chutney, sev and coriander.

  5. Serve and enjoy.