Easy VeggNog Christmas Cocktail (vegetarian) Recipes


Easy VeggNog Christmas Cocktail (vegetarian) Recipes

The ingredients Easy VeggNog Christmas Cocktail (vegetarian) Recipes

  1. 150 gms Cashews
  2. 200 ml Thin coconut milk
  3. 20 ml Maple syrup
  4. Water as needed to make a paste
  5. 5 Pitted soft dates
  6. All spice mix 1/4 tsn
  7. 2 Tb Vanilla Essence
  8. Nutmeg powder 1 tsn
  9. Bourbon /White Rum 5 ml per serving (Optional)
  10. 1 large cinnamon stick for serving
  11. Ice cubes as needed for serving

Step-step making Easy VeggNog Christmas Cocktail (vegetarian) Recipes>

  1. Soak cashews for 30 minutes before straining them. keep aside

  2. Combine coconut milk, cashews, dates, vanilla Essence, all spice mix, maple syrup and blend smooth

  3. Refrigerate till the mix is thick and chilled

  4. Mix fresh nutmeg powder and bourbon/rum

  5. Serve chilled with cinnamon stick and ice cubes

  6. Tip: use fresh vanilla beans after reseeding them if desired

  7. Tip: Use as less water as possible for blending

  8. Tip: quantity of alcoholic drink and maple syrup can be increased/ decreased as per the size of 1 serving and individual taste preferences