Easy Homemade Mathura peda Recipes

Easy Homemade Mathura peda Recipes

The ingredients Easy Homemade Mathura peda Recipes

  1. 250 gmc khoya / khova as well as mawa(1 and 1/4 cup)
  2. 2 teaspoon ghee
  3. 2 tsp milk
  4. 2 tsp cardamom seeds powder
  5. 1 cup Sugar (boora)
  6. cardamom seeds (crushed) as required to enhance
  7. moulds to give condition

Step-step making Easy Homemade Mathura peda Recipes

  1. Take mawa and crumble it. Warmth mawa in a non stick skillet on low medium flame. Cook mawa till it changes it’s colour in order to light brown.

  2. Now, start adding ghee one tsp at a time and preserve stirring mawa. Cook till it becomes dark brown.

  3. Now, Put tagar, cardamom powder and mix every thing well. If the mixture is as well dry, add one tsp milk in a time and stir well. Prepare till it becomes soft.

  4. Switch off the flame when this starts leaving the sides. Grease your own palm with little ghee and begin making peda when the mixture gets to lukewarm stage.

  5. Put every peda on mould and press this gently. Similarily prepare all pedas.

  6. Decorate centre of each peda with cardamom seeds and press.

  7. Store pedas in an foolproof container and serve.