Easy Instant Rava Idli-two styles Recipes

Easy Instant Rava Idli-two styles Recipes

The ingredients Easy Instant Rava Idli-two styles Recipes

  1. 2 mugs Rava / semolina
  2. one cup Dahi / curd
  3. as required Drinking water
  4. to taste Salt
  5. 1/2 Spoon Black pepper natural powder
  6. Microwave safe Idli machine (or a steal one to create in cooker)
  7. as required Oil/ghee to grease the idli maker
  8. 1 tbspoon Coriander leaves paste to make green idli
  9. 1 packet Eno

Step-step making Easy Instant Rava Idli-two styles Recipes

  1. Take one and half cup associated with rava in a bowl and include 3/4 cup of dahi in this and add the salt and spice up and mix it well. Add the particular water as required to achieve the particular perfect consistency of an idli mixture.

  2. To create the green idli take another dish and add rest of the components and add in it and include the Coriander leaves paste as good. Give it a good mix plus make a smooth batter.

  3. Now prepare the particular idli maker. If you are making use of microwave then add the water inside the base and grease the idli maker plates with oil so the particular idli won’t stick to the dish.

  4. Now that everything will be ready add the a pinch associated with eeno in each batter and blend it and pour quickly in the particular idli making plates. Eno helps offer Idli a bubly texture but in case you want you can avoid this.

  5. Near the lid of the maker plus place it in microwave. Set the particular microwave on 3 minutes and allow it cook. Once done check this using a wooden toothpick or the knife. If the stck comes away clean then they are cooked. In case not then cook it for an additional minute or two.

  6. Once done serve all of them with sambhar or chutney and offer the gift of healthy breakfast in order to your family.