Easy Cajun Potato Cakes Recipes

Easy Cajun Potato Cakes Recipes

The ingredients for making Easy Cajun Potato Cakes Recipes

  1. 2 kilogram red potatoes, peeled in addition to chopped
  2. to taste Sodium, black pepper and cayenne pepper,
  3. just one onion grated
  4. 2 eggs
  5. Flour regarding rolling
  6. Oil for baking

Step-step making Cajun Potato Cakes

  1. Boil the potatoes inside salted water to cover regarding about 20 minutes

  2. Drain the taters and mash well, adding sodium, black pepper, Cayenne pepper, red onion and egg; mix well.

  3. Shape directly into cakes about 2 inches inside diameter and 1/2 inch heavy then roll in the flour

  4. Location in the refrigerator overnight

  5. Re-dust together with flour; fry in 1/2 inches of oil in a nonstick pan turning once until dark brown on each side