Easy Groundnut (Peanuts) Chikki Recipes

Easy Groundnut (Peanuts) Chikki Recipes

The ingredients Easy Groundnut (Peanuts) Chikki Recipes

  1. 1 mug ground nuts
  2. 1 mug Jaggery
  3. 1 tsp ghee
  4. Butter papers

Step-step making Easy Groundnut (Peanuts) Chikki Recipes

  1. Take a pan. Roast the Peanuts on low flame. Once it’s roasted let it cool down.

  2. Remove all husk from the roasted peanuts. Now crushed it corsely.

  3. Now take non stick heavy panon low flame. Add chopped Jaggery.

  4. Don’t add ghee. Jaggery will convert in liquid form. Use spatula and continuosly mix it.

  5. Once the jaggery start becoming thicker add ghee and corsely cursed Peanuts. Mix it well and it will start moving in the pan. It will not stick.

  6. Once the ball made in the pan. Remove it on the butter paper on flat surface.

  7. With the help of rolling pin number. Start rolling it in hot situation other wise it will become firm as it get cools.

  8. Once the rolling is done let it cool and cut it in to pieces with Ur hands..