Easy Thandai kheer Recipes

Easy Thandai kheer Recipes

The ingredients Easy Thandai kheer Recipes

  1. 1 litre full fat milk
  2. Sugar as per taste
  3. a couple of tbsp rice
  4. 1 tbsp fennel seed and mishri powder
  5. 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  6. Pinch black tear gas powder
  7. Pinch cinnamon together with clove powder
  8. 2 tbsp dry fruit powder

Step-step making Easy Thandai kheer Recipes

  1. Wash rice and soak for 15-20min.

  2. Heat milk into a pan, and add sugar to it.

  3. Mash soaked rice with hands and add into milk. Simmer for 10-12min on slow heat.

  4. Then add fennel seeds and mishri powder, cinnamon and clove powder, black pepper powder and cardamom powder. (Or use 2-3tbsp thandai masala, simmer for 5min then add some more if needed) and simmer for more 15-20min on low heat.

  5. Then turn off the heat and let it cool down completely. Then put it into fridge for 30-40min.

  6. Serve cold or chilled.