Easy Carrot Halwa Recipes

Easy Carrot Halwa Recipes

The ingredients Easy Carrot Halwa Recipes

  1. 2 kg red carrots
  2. 2 kg full cream milk
  3. 1 cup fresh malai
  4. 1 cup crushed sugar
  5. 1/2 cup pure ghee
  6. As needed chopped dryfruits regarding your choice

Step-step making Easy Carrot Halwa Recipes

  1. Peel the carrots and wash along with fresh water. Grate them.

  2. Add the grated carrot to the big karahi. cook on low flame till all the water is assimilated. stir occasionally.

  3. Now add full cream milk inside it. Cook till all the dairy is absorbed in carrots. Stir sometimes.

  4. Add crushed sugar and mix well.

  5. Cook till sugars is absorbed in carrots, now add malai and mix well. cook with regard to 5 minutes and stir continuously.

  6. Before helping add pure ghee in it plus garnish with chopped dryfruits.