Easy Moong dal Halwa Recipes

Easy Moong dal Halwa Recipes

The ingredients Easy Moong dal Halwa Recipes

  1. 200 grams yellow moong dal(split skinless green gram)
  2. 200 grams mava (khoya)
  3. 200 gms ghee
  4. 200 grams sugar
  5. 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
  6. 15 chopped almonds
  7. 1 cup water for sugar syrup

Step-step making Easy Moong dal Halwa Recipes

  1. First of all Clean, wash together with soak the yellow moong dal throughout enough water in a bowl to get 4 hours. Drain well and disappear in a mixer to a simple paste without using water.

  2. Heat the ghee throughout a pan, add the dal composite mix well and cook on some sort of medium flame for 15 minutes or perhaps till is turns brown in colouring, while stirring continuously.

  3. Now add mava (khoya) mix okay and cook for a 2 short minutes. Transfer the mixture into a pan and keep aside.

  4. For sugar syrup: Combine typically the 1 cup of water and sweets in a deep non-stick pan, combination well and cook on an excessive flame till it gets an only one string consistency, while stirring occasionally.

  5. Add the sugar thick treacle to the moong dal mixture together with cook it further for a handful of minutes. Add the cardamom powder together with almonds mix well.

  6. Now moong dal halwa is all set to serve.