Easy Pastry samosa Recipes

Easy Pastry samosa Recipes

The ingredients Easy Pastry samosa Recipes

  1. 1 mug flour
  2. 2 tbls oil
  3. Pinch salt
  4. Water to mix
  5. Mince meat
  6. Grounded pepper, onion, Scotch bonnet
  7. Seasonings
  8. Oil for strong frying

Step-step making Easy Pastry samosa Recipes

  1. Form a soft dough with flour, salt, oil, water

  2. Jiggle it our cut circles rub engine oil on top add another one in top continue the process to finish off the dough

  3. Reflaten typically the dough put in a pan above a medium heat for few moments turn over for the both section to be heated

  4. Look at on you tube how to flip samosa

  5. For the contents. fry the grounded ingredients add seasonings add mincemeat meat add few declines of water cooked for some short minutes and roll the samosas

  6. Fry over a medium heat right up till golden brown then serve